Yoga: Get Sexy, Flat and Strong Abs with Boat Pose

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Published on December 19, 2015 – Want great abs?! Watch this yoga video to see how to perform “boat pose” (Navasana). Share the video, do the pose, get in shape! Do it at home, or join a yoga studio to learn more poses that will help restore your health, get in shape and calm your mind. Boat pose is for strengthening abs, thighs and hip flexors while activating energy in the arms. Translated as boat pose due to the way the body looks when this posture is fully expressed, boat pose is a powerful pose unto itself. Navasana requires a moderate level of balance and a high level of mental willpower, but this pose is a great way to strengthen primarily the abdomen. Although not necessarily as initially heating to the body as some other postures, it’s level of difficulty is higher. And the longer you can hold the pose, the more you’ll definitely begin to feel the burn. Like every posture in yoga, it tests our mind’s focus and will power to work through what we may be resistant to and/or uncomfortable with.

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Larry Cook

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