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Flexible maneuvers

Great heart pace

  • Welcome to Fitness Hacks 20178 @My New


We bring the gym to you. 


Lose Fat-Gain Muscle. No excuses. You can do this.


We’ll be with you each day, as you transform your abs and get the body that you are proud of. 


Imagine the sense of pride you’ll feel when  people will glance at you admiringly.



If your fitness goal is to lose weight, get six pack abs, or define a certain part of your body, make a visit here to  a daily habit.


Just a few minutes each day while you sit at your PC is all it will take.

 (Of course I don’t mean sit-I mean get off your ass and follow along with one of the exercise routines.)


If you have lunch or other meals while you are at your PC, take a few minutes and watch our recipe channel while you eat. 


Learn what to eat and how to prepare delicious meals that will help you shed fat and gain  muscles.


What about you? 

What are your frustrations in life? 

What are your fitness goals? 


  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Gain weight?
  • Bulk up? Tone up?
  • Are you flabby and want to firm up?
  • Are your arms or legs skinny and you want them muscular?

How can we best assist you in achieving the Best You that you know you can be?

Let us know!

We will help you achieve your goals.


Make us a daily habit and follow along with the video routines each day. It’s fun, it’s easy and it works.


Start now with this routine.


Click the Play button, Get up off your ass and get down on the floor. See you tomorrow with more!


Hey, why not invite a friend or two and make this a daily routine. 


If you’re at work, tell your boss this will help you be more productive. 


Chances are your boss probably needs this more than you? haha. Send him the link!


What about your out of shape friends. 


Or, someone down in the dumps. 


Send them here and they will be thanking you for motivating themselves into getting a New Body.


See you tomorrow with more.

My trainees say

I just love you Kim, you fixed my life and made me a better person. How did you do it?

Dora Handle

I'm someone who struggled with weight. Kim helped me get in better shape.

David Shlemer

Now I am fit like the girls you see on MTV. While that wasn't my initial goal, now I'm really into it.

Tara Malnic

The workout helped with my depression and low self esteem, as well as with my abs.

Mika Sumner

Why wait? Let’s rock it!