Weight Training Routines: 3 Hardcore Training Splits For Rapid Gains

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Published on December 24, 2015

Here are 3 hardcore training splits for rapid lean muscle gains. Tired of the same boring weight training split? It’s time to change it up and get on the fast track, aka the “Gain Train.” 

 One of the biggest factors to seeing incredible lean muscle gains is a high quality training split that challenges your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. 

 Too many novice weightlifters put way too much emphasis on smaller muscle groups like the biceps – and ignore major muscle groups like the hamstrings, quadriceps, and back. 

 That’s why these 3 hardcore training splits put the most emphasis on your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. The end result is rapid lean muscle gains and a workout plan that will also increase your strength on all of the major compound exercises. 

 If your dead lift, bench press, and squat is not improving with your current training split you need to change it up and put more emphasis on the exercises that matter most. Watch the video as I break down three incredible training splits for maximum lean muscle gains, increased functional strength, and a well rounded physique. 

 ** Weight Training Routines: 3 Day Split **The 3-day split is actually the perfect workout routine for a beginner looking to maximize both strength and gains without overtraining. You should be performing a 5 x 5 routine with the following compound exercisesBench press, squat, deadlift, weighted pull-ups, weighted dips, barbell rowThese are the 6 best muscle building exercises in the world and will help you pack on both mass and functional strength. 

This 3-day split is very simple. Each day pick 3 of these compound exercises and perform 5 total sets of each.This means that you will be performing 15 total sets per workout, 3 times per week. Keep a workout log and start tracking your progress! 

Weight Training Routines: 4 Day Split **Opposing Muscle group supersets is the perfect 4 day split for the hardcore weight lifter. Here is how the workout breaks up.- Monday: Chest and back- Wednesday: Quadriceps and Hamstrings- Friday: Biceps and Triceps- Sunday: Traps and Shoulders. 

The best way to do this split is performing back to back opposing muscle group supersets throughout the workout. For example – you will start off doing a set of wide grip pull ups until failure and transition into the barbell bench press. Opposing muscle group super sets = gains!** 

Weight Training Routines: 6 Day Split **The 6-day split puts a ton of emphasis on each muscle group EACH workout. The key is you want to start the workout with the exercises that you can lift the MOST weight on, aka the compound exercises. 

Here is how the workout looks:6-7 Total exercises, 20-25 total sets PER workout.This means that on your chest day you will start off by doing heavy bench press and db. bench press and then transition into low cable fly’s and your shaper exercises. 

Follow this regimen for each muscle group on the 6-day split.- Monday: Chest- Tuesday: Quadriceps and Biceps- Wednesday: Hamstrings and Triceps- Thursday: Heavy Pull Day- Friday: Deltoids- Saturday: Traps 

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