Hip Hop Body Burn Dance Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Gabriella Kaiser

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Published on December 22, 2015

Hip Hop Body Burn Dance Workout from BeFiT Trainer Open House with Gabriella Kaiser is an explosive 15-minute cardio dance workout that is designed to get you moving on the dance floor to boost the metabolism, incinerate calorie and tone the body from top to bottom. Unleash your inner ferocity and activate your core as you ignite weight loss potential and sculpt lean muscle with Professional Dancer, Singer & Fitness Enthusiast, Gabriella Kaiser as she coaches you through this effective fitness routine from the new season of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series, only on BeFiT! Turn up the intensity and challenge yourself as you engage every major muscle group with a supercharged series of some of today’s hottest dance that are sure to deliver lean and sexy results. Engage the abdominals and tighten the core as you engage the arms, legs, glutes, hips, thighs, chest, shoulders back and obliques for a full body burn. Take this workout with you anywhere for a quick tune-up and make the moves your own to impress your friends in the club. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this specially- formulated workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting form and rest periods. Become your best and get the results you are looking for with one of the hottest dancers in the business. 

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